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probatio pennae

30 December 1985
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Hello there Ladies and Germs. I am Vertizart, freelance Artist, Musician, Writer, and Almost Human.

I enjoy intelligent conversation, good wine, good literature and some of the more hedonistic aspects of life.

I'm also chronically bad at Bio's, and like to ramble, albeit co-hesively ( i hope) I am currently open for commissions for fantasy art and illustration, and photorealistic portraiture, and miniature portraits, for which a sharp, detailed picture is required. My art can be viewed at


enjoy, my pretties.
17th century, 19th century, academia, alex fielding, alice in wonderland, anime, arias, art, art deco, art history, art nouveau, art technique, aubrey beardsley, australian politics, baroque, baroque bel canto, baroque music, bead embroidery, beading, beads, beadwork, bel canto, bizet, bleak house, blues, bones, brideshead revisited, bryn terfel, burns-jones, capes, carol jordan, celtic art, celtic myth, charlotte bronte, classic disney, classical sculpture, classical singer, classical singing, colonel brandon, corsetry, costume, così fan tutte, craft, crochet, cultural anthropology, darcy, david attenborough, don giovanni, dr tony hill, drafting, dress diaries, edwardian clothing, elegant gothic aristocrat, elegant gothic lolita fashion, elizabeth bennett, embroidery, emily bronte, evelyn waugh, feracia, france, free patterns, french, frock coats, german, germany, ghost writing, ghosting, giotto, gordon ramsey, gothic, gothic and lolita, gothic art, gothic lolita fashion, handsewing, hats, historical costume, historical fashion, historical sewing, history, icons, jane austen, jane eyre, japanese fashion, jazz, john everett millais, knitting, la boheme, la trobe university, lace, literature, metal, mezzos, mucha, music, office temps, oil painting, opera, opera history, operetta, parasols, pattern drafting, pattern modification, pearls, phantom of the opera, plushies, politics, pre raphaelite art, pride and prejudice, puccini, redundancy, regency fashion, rembrandt, renaissance art, renaissance costume, requiem masses, romantic era clothing, rosetti, seed beads, sew, sewing, shakespeare, social science, sopranos, speechwriting, spooky, star wars, students, study, tenors, theology, turandot, verdi, vocal technique, vocalists, voice, waistcoats, waterhouse, william hollman-hunt, wire in the blood, writing