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Feb. 3rd, 2010


(no subject)

tonight I will have finished the boning channells, and they will be boned and the corset will be ready to sew around the edges.

Then its snipping the seams and pinning bias binding.

I have enough for the top, but I am waiting on spotlight to get more bias binding in so while I am waiting for that I imagine it will be eyelet time. Who needs an awl when you have a meat skewer and a knitting needle...

Jan. 21st, 2010



the 12 fits.
Just finished the lining.
will sew together the seams of the fashion fabric and then commence the boning channels.
its working!!

Jan. 20th, 2010


bubble bubble, toille and trouble...

Well I made up the first mock up of the simplicity 3635.
Backstitched all the seams together, but I think I have to go up from an 8 to a 10.
It just meets at the waist at the lowest point at the back before it flares out, but that is with the 5/8 seam allowance, and it goes knowhere near my middle back and shoulder blades.

But we live and learn. I think the 10 will fit though. I have a pretty maroon cotton with pink flower spray over it, which is a similar sort of fabric to that on the actual pattern. I have some lighter pink cotton bias binding lying around, but I am not sure that I am happy with it, but I don't want to use cream as I am a grot and it will look dirty.

But I have managed to follow a commercial pattern!!!

I am not, however, looking forward to transferring the pattern pieces, cutting out and then transferring all the markings and seam allowances AGAIN. But I refuse to cut my paper patterns, as I want to keep them in good nick.

*EDIT* yeah.. I think I might try the 12. I think it will be easier to take it in if I have to than add...

Jan. 19th, 2010


pattern binge!

I finally got my grubby paws on the butterick 4484.

But I went on a pattern binge.

I now have:
- the buttering 4484
- simplicity 3635
- mccalls 4861
- mccalls 8552 (11.5" doll patterns for my niece)
- mccalls 4091
- mccalls 4491
- and the most stunning vintage vogue 1957 2903

and some pretty fabric.


corset makingness

I've stitced together the seams for the simplicity pattern, but I haven't done the tabs yet.

So far the fit is pretty good, but I think I will thicken and lengthen the straps, as they seem really flimsy. I'm not really going for historical accuracy, so I'm thinking snap closures on the straps.

This particular pattern isnt as daunting as I thought.

Jan. 18th, 2010


well I have gone and done it..

I got some fabric today, and I have the simplicity 2621 pattern.

From all accounts I am going to have to make this in its smallest size.

I wish I knew more about commercial patterns.

I have looked up patternreview and got some pointers, I am pretty sure the seam allowance is in the pattern itself, although I could be wrong.

I would like to make this as an outerwear garment, but I have a busy but small print fabric, and I wonder if the visible boning channels will make it look too much like underwear, as there are so many channels.

I have the fabric, I have the pattern, and the instructions. I'm just hesitant to make that first cut...

Jan. 17th, 2010


(no subject)

I'm having a rough trot at the moment. Feeling very isolated.

I have however figured out what my motivational problem is. It isn't so much that I am not motivated to do the work I need to do, but after having the run of being really sick and not being able to do it, I have lost my confidence in it. I know the potential is there, but the horse that threw me off is looking very large at the moment, and it is taking a bit to get back on it.

My best friend from tassie is on a trip to Darwin at the moment, and aside from B, who lives all the way in the states, it dawned on me that I have no one to talk to. I have a group of people who say I am "the closest person they have" and yet whenever I put up my hand they are never there. I cut off so many people when it all got too hard for them in the beginning when I was sick and had no diagnosis, and I have this niggling feeling that if I cut of these people there will be no one left. And I know I should because what is the use of giving everything and not getting a single "hey how are you doing?" in return, but the prospect is a little daunting.

I'm going to go to one of the other docs today to get some repeat prescriptions, and I have decided that on the way home I am going to make myself feel better and drop into spotlight and get some nice patterns and some pretty fabric. My insomnia run is getting ridiculous, and I need something to keep me occupied that is relaxing. I just don't have the concentration to read at the moment.

And I will get my head around using commercial patterns. Why I have so much trouble I don't know. I can't follow recipies very well either. I can make them from scratch, but I just can't seem to follow directions. And as time consuming as it is, I want to make a wearable garment to test my handsewing, rather than just corsets. I'd like to see how long it lasts. For some reason I have this odd urge to sew bias binding.

I think that I will have a look at some regency patterns. I love the empire style, and I want to make a nightdress that feels good and looks good, and old world. I also want to make myself a nice flowy light warm weather dressing gown, because I can never buy them in the lengths I want, or they have lace in places I don't like.

I just hope the docs are there today.

Jan. 15th, 2010


(no subject)

I've been down lately.

I know that I really should be working on outstanding work, but I just can't do it.

I just don't know how to motivate myself to do it, and my concentration is up the creek.

Does anyone have any ideas?

I could really do with the help.


Jan. 11th, 2010


(no subject)

In memory of family and friends who have lost the battle with cancer; and in support of the ones who continue to conquer it! Post this on your LJ if you know someone who has or had cancer.

Jan. 9th, 2010


In which I bitch and complain about things...

well, the new year isnt exactly turning out the way I would like.

I'm currently revamping the dungeon. Which is hard and wearing. I'm quite the hoarder, and I really dislike sorting and culling things. but it needs to be done, and I would really like to live in a bedroom that isnt a relic from when I was 16, so I'm putting up new drapes and bed cover etc. It's got alarmingly out of hand so I have to take advantage of my mother being off from work to give me a hand as I'm still unwell.

its going to be 41 degrees on monday. Celcius. eew. In the high 30s is bad enough. I remember when having a 40+ degree day was either a once in a year event or never happened. Now we are having week long stretches, not to mention the fun this time last year. Hoping that doesnt happen again this year. I don't know what else is left to burn.

Rasputin the migraine is still here. I'm trying a new cold laser treatment which has a chance at working - if it turns out that I actually produce ACTH and my immune system is killing it, rather than me simply not producing any at all. I do know that it certainly feels like something is happening. I felt like I had been hit by a truck for the next few days after the first treatment, and that is only going to get more intense as the treatments do. The first was apparently very minor as they take it really slowly with long term chronic pain.

So I have that on wednesday. It is going to take a while, but I really need to get off the pain medication. It is compromising the cortisol so I have to take more than I should be, but simply not taking the pain medication is likely to put me into an addisonian crisis. So really caught between a rock and a hard place with that, and I'm maxing out on the pain meds. I had got it down to 2 doses a day, sometimes even less. The pain was still there, but I could tolerate it. But for some reason Rasputin is acting up and I can't manage the way I was before.

Probably not aided by this ridiculous insomnia run. SO tired. I've fallen off the wagon with my studies and my art. I cant get motivated to do anything, and when I finally push through and actually try, my body gives out on me. I get dizzy, weak, sore and my temperature goes through the roof. I need to get back on track but I just don't know how.

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