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well, today I have gone 14 days without the codiene.
I can't quite beleieve that I am still coping.
it's hard, but I'm doing it.
I'm going to ring uni and find out who I need to put in my intermission form.
I'm also putting in for special consideration because I basically missed the whole semester, been off since the week before easter.
and then it's going into scumlink and hopefully getting a disability support pension.
found a couple of really nice patterns that I'm making up into jackets, even though technically they are costumes.
and my knitting is now over a metre long. its a large basket weave. I was doing this one for B, but my best mate put in an order for the same kind, and he is in tassie, so its actually coming up to winter there and here now rather than summer in the states.
B has been very busy. Gah I miss him so much.
its been kind of hard doing this without him.
though I did sneak a call on my mobile to him on his birthday when I was in the hospital.
such a rebel. thank goodness for private bathrooms on the ward.
i need to buy myself a notebook. I keep forgetting things.


thanks hun. I asked my doctor today if the gabapentin nerve pain meds actually give pain relief, and they dont. so the only thing thats giving pain relief is paracetemol. I'm going to reward myself tomorrow for reaching my 2 week milestone with something girly.
hee hee, I got myself a cute knit dress for $25 and splurged on a max factor lip and gloss. I normally only get cosmetics through my amcal card rewards from the pharmacy for free.
still no codiene! don't knowwhat I did to be reincarnated this close to hell, but no codiene since the hospital.