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my grandfather died last night.

Just found out this morning.

we were really close.

I don't know what to do.


thanks hun.
Oftentimes there isn't much you can do except mourn his passing. But you'll keep him alive forever in your memories, so don't let yourself despair.

*extra super comforting hugs*
thanks hun. It's more actually doing things like normal. Art, or writing, or sewing. I'm just sitting here staring off into space. I've spent hours just sitting doing nothing. It all feels so odd.
*hugs* That seriously sucks.

I guess all you can do is process, deal, remember him and move on as best you can.

Was it sudden?

yeah it was very sudden. No one expected it at all. I certainly didn't, granted my parents are older than most my age, but grandad was only 2 years older than my father. he was 75.