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sewing madness

So after my dramatic meltdown things are coming together ok.

After staring at the fabric for an indeterminate amount of time waiting for it to get up and tell me the answer, I solved my corded front seam dilemma.

now just to sew the eyelet tape in and the corset is sewn up and ready for boning channels, and then it is on to the peplums, and bias binding for the rest of my life.

Having a treatment for the migraines/headaches/back pain today. Cold laser accupuncture. I'm going to feel like I've been hit by a bus for the next few days. And they have started really small because of the length of time I've been in chronic pain.

I'm not ready to say it is working yet, but I have noticed a longer period of time between taking the forte strength pain meds. I've gone from every 4 hours to up to 9 hours after the meds have worn off. But this time around, being sick as well I haven't had as good results. I just have to keep telling myself that it is not a failure on my part if I don't get the breaks. But I am confident enough to keep trying the treatment for another 3 months. Its going to take a long time.

but the guy is honest, and he's nice. He wasn't sure it was going to work, or have any effect whatsoever but was pleasantly surprised that I had a reaction. And he told us that from the beginning.

Now I sew. And try not to pin myself to death.